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Less than 30 years ago, the California condor was on the brink of extinction - just 22 birds in the entire world. They’re starting to recover their numbers now, but can still use some help from people like you.

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Condor Country is a simulation game where you, the player, are responsible for breeding, monitoring, and releasing condors in the wild. You’ll be rewarded for their population growth under your care and have the opportunity to unlock more wild lands for them to soar over. The game will be available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

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Did You Know?

Condors can fly over 200 miles a day, covering a range of landscapes while scavenging for food. You can unlock all these different wild lands in the game: Sespe Wilderness, Big Sur, and the Grand Canyon!

Hatch Condor Chicks

After a few wild releases, learn to incubate and hatch condor eggs at a captive breeding facility. Unlock nest boxes to increase the number of chicks you can care for and release.

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